Terms of use

License agreement terms for the use of "Freggers-material"

Permission to use copyright-protected material from SPiN on the Freggers website (logos, fregger graphic arts, concept art, etc.) is granted, provided that the use of reproductions is for private use only, no illegal samples are used and for ends that are neither directly nor indirectly for commercial purposes.
This also applies for groups of users as long as they consist of natural persons.

In addition, SPiN grants the right to publish the material mentioned above free of charge at the internet, to copy, publicly display and distribute it, on condition that it is for private use only and will neither directly nor indirectly be used for commercial purposes. Copyright notices (if existent) must be maintained.

All further proprietary rights are to be preserved. The user may not assign or transfer rights to any third party.

The material must not be published together with abusive, offensive or illegal content which for example breaches the rights of others, is pornographic, xenophobic or racist.

SPiN is authorized to change the rights given in addition to the copyright law for any reason at any time without prior notice and/or to terminate the legal relationship with the user. A revocation/termination can in particular result from a usage that is directly or indirectly intended for commercial purposes, if the material is used illegally or in connection with pornographic content, or if the material is - even non-commercially- used for offers that compete with SPiN.